Is Love Attainable?

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YES. Love is attainable. Hi, I’m Linda J. Wolff, and I’m your texting etiquette coach.

Hi Guys & Gals! There’s nothing more terrifying than trying to convey to another person that you like them and be rejected immediately. We all face the day when we run into someone accidentally, and we are instantly attracted to them.

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How do we initiate that first text message after exchanging cell phone numbers? What do we say without sounding foolish?

Texting can remove fear or the discomfort of saying those sweet words without tripping over ourselves if we create a simple text message to prompt a response. And the correct answer too.

Here is what you’ll find on Texting Etiquette Training:

  • Simple, simple, simple text messages to communicate with a new love interest.
  • Do’s & Don’t of texting etiquette in an ongoing dating relationship.
  • Do’s & Dont’s of texting etiquette in a long-lasting relationship.
  • How to break-up gently through texting etiquette.
  • How to use texting etiquette with online dating apps & sites.


I purchased the domain out of sheer desperation. After being married for twenty years that ended in divorce, and another marriage of ten-and-half years to become a widow and a single mom of three daughters.

This was actually quite frightening for me. The thought of dating again, the thought of starting over. But, I inhaled deeply. I took some time to grieve, to find myself again. I knew at the age of 57 it might be a challenge to find love again.

I did find love again. AND Yes, love is attainable.

Here’s my story.



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